Tuesday, February 24, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EST




PLAY, CLEAN, GO - Laura Van Riper, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

View the pdf of the webinar here

Please note that due to a recording error, the voice in the PlayCleanGo recording is not synced up with the slides. It may be easiest to open both the YouTube video with the voice recording and the pdf of the webinar slides and follow along with the slides in the pdf.

  • Come learn about the creation and implementation of the PlayCleanGo: Stop Invasive Species in Your Tracks outreach campaign. The goal of this action-oriented outreach campaign is to give recreationists a clear call to action and to be informed, attentive, and accountable for stopping the spread of invasive species. This presentation will show how PlayCleanGo may benefit your organization and how you could join the 100+ PlayCleanGo partner organizations throughout the US and Canada in spreading the message.