What is The National Invasive Species Council?




The National Invasive Species Council (NISC) was established to provide the vision and leadership to coordinate, sustain, and expand federal efforts to safeguard the U.S. from invasive species and their impacts. Over the past year, NISC has worked to reenvision itself institutionally and programmatically through the development of terms of reference and a new FY2020 Work Plan. These guidance documents focus on NISC’s high-level, whole-of-government perspective and direct the efforts of NISC staff toward convening and coordination to leverage existing efforts and amplify the federal impact in the fight against invasive species. In highlighting these efforts, this webinar will review NISC’s coordination mechanisms, its current thematic priorities, and efforts to engage with non-federal stakeholders. In addition to the presentation from NISC staff, senior advisers from the three NISC Co-Chair agencies will provide their perspectives on these federal coordination activities.



Stas Burgiel, NISC Executive Director Jeff Morisette, NISC Chief Scientist Hilary Smith, Department of the Interior, Senior Adviser for Invasive Species Phil Andreozzi, US Department of Agriculture, Invasive Species Coordinator Jeanette Davis, Department of Commerce/National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Ocean Science Policy Adviser